Wagediefrage, durftevragen in Berlijn

Ook onze Oosterburen vinden het leuk om elkaar te helpen. Dat blijkt al uit de hulp die ik kreeg om de eerste durftevragen in Duitsland te organiseren. Via twitter en netwerktips is het gelukt:
Wagediefrage! En nog wel in Berlijn op 9 april om 14 uur bij het kantoor van Loesje Berlin. Wie toll!

Are you looking for a breakthrough, a lot of inspiration, a solution for a problem?
In your professional, or private life? Daretoask gives a solution to all your questions: daretoask connects people so the answers to their questions will come quicker and their dreams will come true sooner. Thousands of people already helped each other in Holland and Belgium with this fun method. Be part of the first meeting in Germany on Saturday, april 9th: wagediefrage

The key to success is asking the right question!

During wagediefrage sessions a person asks his question to the group and the group will help him by providing tips, or getting them in contact with their network.

The power of a wagediefrage-workshop is in the people who attend: everyone likes to help others; by giving we will grow ourselves. Asking is the easiest way to achieve something!

You can participate for free in this first ever wagediefrage in Berlin.

Date: Saturday, April 9 2011
Time: 14:00 to 16:00, we start on time!!!
Venue: Loesje office, Karl Kungerstrasse 55, alt treptow, Berlin
The meeting will be in English and Deutsch

Please subscribe here, there’s a maximum number of seats. No subscription = no place, sorry!

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2 Responses to Wagediefrage, durftevragen in Berlijn

  1. Het is mislukt!

    Het leek er op dat het ging lukken met 8 aanmeldingen, maar de Berlijnse zon gooide roet in het eten, er kwamen maar 2 mensen. Volgende keer misschien wel een wagediefrage?

    Lekker om mislukken ook weer mee te maken.

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